The Minimalist File Transfer Protocol (MFTP)

Welcome to the home of the Minimalist File Transfer Protocol (MFTP), a lightweight and reliable protocol designed for data transfer over UDP. MFTP ensures data integrity and reliability through mechanisms such as CRC32 checks, acknowledgments (ACKs), and retransmission strategies, including an exponential backoff mechanism to prevent network congestion.


MFTP is specifically tailored for use in environments where TCP's overhead is undesirable or impractical. This makes it particularly well-suited for Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded platforms, where resources such as memory and processing power are limited.



Use Cases

MFTP is ideal for use in scenarios where reliability and low overhead are paramount. Some potential applications include:

Performance Enhancement

While the MFTP’s throughput may initially appear limited compared to conventional reliable data protocols, leveraging multi-path transmission across multiple ports significantly enhances its bandwidth capabilities. This approach requires a straightforward protocol for port negotiation, ensuring efficient data distribution.

In practice, the protocol would allocate file segments to ports sequentially, with the lowest port number handling the initial segment and the highest port number managing the final segment.

Once the port negotiation is complete, the MFTP can operate concurrently on each port without modification, thus providing a reliable and scalable solution for data transfer over UDP.

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