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The Ambisonics B-Format Media Player for ASIO

Plays uncompressed B-Format Windows and Nuendo RIFF audio files (.wav, .amb), delivering multiple channels of the bit-perfect audio and the high sample rates demanded by audiophiles, along with automatic sample rate switching, to your ASIO DAC. (In fact, it plays any uncompressed Windows RIFF audio file - doesn't have to be ambisonic, making it usefull for multi-channel audio of any sort. Of course for 2 channel stereo audio there are better choices, such as the Multistream ASIO Player for ASIO)

Screenshot of ASIOExtender software interface


Delivers multi-channel audio to your multi-channel ASIO DAC. Supports audio files at 16, 24, 32, and float bit depths and all sample rates from 44100 samples per second and up, with automatic sample rate switching. Converts audio bit depths to the bit depths of the DAC. Displays audio format information for the current track playing and a simple and intuitive set of controls that allow you to load your play list, hit Play, and sit back and enjoy the delights of spatial audio.

Experience Audio Like Never Before: Load the ASIOVirtualDriver and pair it with ASIOExtender to immerse yourself in an aural landscape. With ASIOExtender, the world of VST3 plugins is at your fingertips! Apply graphic equalization, create immersive ambiance, correct for room acoustics or explore the realms of digital crossover for an unparalleled audio experience.


To configure AmbiPlay for your ASIO device, clicking the configure button will bring up the configuration utility in which you simply choose the number of channels, and optionally, the buffer size, click the "Config" button, then close the utility. Two clicks and you are done! Thereafter it will automatically load the selected DAC with the selected configuration. Load your play list with B-Format audio tracks, shuffle it up a bit, and hit Play, which will become a pause button when the music starts. When the play list has focus you can delete any track with the DELETE key, or hold down the key and delete multiple tracks.

If using with ASIOExtender installed, it will automatically load our ASIOVirtualDriver™. You can toggle between the ASIOVirtualDriver or sending the audio directly to your DAC by opening and closing the configuration utility. The ASIO virtual driver sends the audio data streams via IPC to its client "ASIOExtender", for post processing. The DAC controls the pace of streaming, removing the need for a clock-drift-compensation mechanism. ASIOExtender presents a plugin host interface for VST3 plugins to process the audio data. ASIOExtender is seen as a filter graph, with the audio input device connected to the DSP plugins, which are connected to the audio output device. After processing, the ASIOExtender sends the audio data to the user's ASIO DAC and the DAC sends the audio to the speakers or headphones.

This is just the first version. AmbiPlay will evolve with your feedback, which would be especially appreciated if you encounter issues with some audio file or DAC. Given the number of potential audio formats and DACS it was impossible to test all possible combinations.

*ASIO and VST are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

ASIOExtender Software

Illustrating AmbiPlay used with ASIOExtender running an ambisonics decoder vst plugin (video link).

The ‘ab Decoder Light’ plugin shown is available FOR FREE at Audio Brewers. If you sign up for their newsletter they will send you the download link.