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Music has many dimensions, from rhythm, melody, and harmony, to the live performance, where the connection between artist and audience creates something that transcends both. The challenge is the recreation of all these dimensions in our own living spaces, where we attempt to conjure up an aural hologram of the original performance.

It is not sufficient just to accurately render the sound. Pleasure in music is deeply personal. Our ears are unique, and our tastes even more so. Often, what we seek is not just fidelity to the original recording, but beyond that an adaptation to our preferences.

ASIOExtender offers audio that is able to adapt, not just to the renderers and the environment but also to the nuances of individual ears and diverse tastes, for both the casual listener and the most discriminating audiophile.

The technological landscape is ripe for this revolution. The digital age has given us myriad players, DACs, sophisticated speakers and headphones, and a plugin market that is so saturated with choice that they are giving them away. It is just a matter of bringing together all these components to achieve the objective.


Now you have the ability to use the professional ASIO audio protocol that both your music player and DAC support, along with the versatility of VST3 plugins in your personal audio setup. ASIOExtender gives you the ability to apply post processing to the audio before it is rendered.

Experience Audio Like Never Before: With ASIOExtender, you're not just listening to music; you're immersing yourself in an aural landscape sculpted by your choices and preferences. It's time to experience your music collection in a way you never thought possible. With ASIOExtender, the world of VST3 plugins is at your fingertips! Apply graphic equalization, create immersive ambiance, correct for room acoustics. For those with multi-channel DACs and speaker systems, generate surround sound, power your Ambisonic or Dolby Atmos system, or explore the realms of digital crossover for an unparalleled audio experience. ASIOExtender delivers multiple channels of the bit-perfect audio and the high sample rates demanded by audiophiles, along with automatic sample rate switching.

Screenshot of ASIOExtender software interface

The plugin shown is Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst, offered as Freeware.

How it works

Your music player hosts our ASIOVirtualDriver™ and sends audio data streams to it. The ASIO virtual driver sends the audio data streams via IPC to its client "ASIOExtender", for post processing. The DAC controls the pace of streaming, removing the need for a clock-drift-compensation mechanism. ASIOExtender presents a plugin host interface for VST3 plugins to process the audio data. ASIOExtender is seen as a filter graph, with the audio input device connected to the DSP plugins, which are connected to the audio output device. After processing, the ASIOExtender sends the audio data to the user's ASIO DAC and the DAC sends the audio to the speakers or headphones.

Ready to redefine your listening experience? Join the Audio Revolution. Embrace the future of audio processing with ASIOExtender™. It's not just an enhancement; it's a complete transformation of how you interact with sound. ASIOExtender™ runs on Windows and handles up to 24 channels at all sample rates, from 44.1K and above. Music producers, cinemas, theaters, anywhere music is played in public will benefit from our 128 channel version.

*ASIO and VST are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH>

We are looking for beta testers. Contact me for a demo copy.

Introducing AmbiPlay

Discover AmbiPlay, our latest addition to the audio tools family. AmbiPlay is an ambisonic B-Format media player designed for ASIO, delivering high-quality spatial audio experiences. It supports multiple channels and high sample rates, ensuring audiophiles get the best audio experience possible.

Explore AmbiPlay to enjoy bit-perfect audio playback, automatic sample rate switching, and an intuitive interface that makes managing your audio files a breeze. Enhance your audio setup with AmbiPlay and dive into the world of spatial audio.

Learn more about AmbiPlay

ASIOExtender Software

Illustrating AmbiPlay used with ASIOExtender running an ambisonics decoder vst plugin (video link).

The ‘ab Decoder Light’ plugin shown is available FOR FREE at Audio Brewers. If you sign up for their newsletter they will send you the download link.