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An Invincible Genetic Algorithm
A Neural Network plays TicTacToe
Check this out: A unique mp3 player!
*New Sept. 2017: The Audio App for ASIO
A Permutation on Combinatorial Algorithms
A Neural Network Exhibits Social Behaviour
Autocord: The Environmental Audio Monitor
Here it is: The ASIO Audio test signal generator
An audio test file generator for precision test tones.
Announcing a new DLL for developers of ASIO audio applications
Inventor of the Three Dimensional Bubble Sort Algorithm
Screen shot: Pocket PC application I developed
A signal generator as a musical instrument?
A simple image resizer utility
A simple auto-tuner.
A Java demo

"For me, a beautiful algorithm is almost a tangible thing. I liken software development in its ultimate abstraction to building castles in the air. Form follows function, and there exists a certain esthetic elegance in a design that precisely meets requirements, without excess or waste of resources. If you want to excel at developing software in C/C++, it is like being a concert pianist. You need to practice for hours every day, for years, to be really good at it." - George W. Taylor

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