Mandelbrot Fractal Viewer for *Android

*For phones with Android versions 8.0 and up

Last updated 03 Dec 2019

Explore Mandelbrot's surreal fractal world. Zoom in and out. Take snapshots and share!


Screen shot

Install on your phone

Snapshots can be found with your file browser app at Storage->Android->data->com.tropicalcoder.mandelbrot->files->Pictures. However, if you enable storage permission for the app they will appear in Google Photos.

Once you install the app, go to Settings (the little gear icon)->Apps->Mandelbrot->Permissions->Storage (enable this)

The Mandelbrot fractal equation itself doesn't specify a colour palette and here is where my app differentiates itself. It provides a unique palette of 720 colours, permitting up to 720 iterations of the Mandelbrot equation for high resolution and up to 48 levels of zoom. View it in either portrait mode or landscape mode. Generate images for wallpaper on your phone or desktop.