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Last updated 07 Janurary 2019

An editor for creating musical scripts from MIDI files or from scratch

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DOWNLOAD ScriptIt.zip vers. 1.12

Script It is a simple way to create music. With only a handful of commands specifying notes and chords, you can create expressive musical pieces and play them via the built-in synthesthizer. You can also load in a MIDI file that will be instantly converted to a script that you can analyse and modify. Explore musical passages and phrases, transpose, copy and paste them into your own script or even combine pieces of scripts to make a mash up or medley. Script It reads files that follow the standard MIDI file protocol (*.mid files) and synthesizes a musical output consistent with the musical performance described by the MIDI file, as well as generating a script from it. Some such files that show off Script It to best advantage are included in the zip package. You may also load in alternative tunings such a the Just Intervals or your own note tunings to use instead of the default Modern Even Tempered Scale. See the "ReadMe" file to learn how.

Script It is a companion app to MIDISynth. Instructions are included, as well as a few hand created scripts for an example. After downloading the ScriptIt zip package, create a new folder for it and unzip the package into it. There is nothing to install.

You will find a ReadMe file and that some folders have been created along side the Script It executable. These folders contain MIDI files and a few handmade scripts to get you started. Just click on ScriptIt.exe and the app will open, creating a couple of more folders in the process. The first time you use it audio files are generated that allow you to play music with your keyboard.

When you have completed a script, for best quality you should generate an audio file with MIDISynth.

Please feel free to contact me me with your feedback.

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